The Way of Mastery in the Netherlands

The Way of Mastery is a complete spiritual pathway, passed on by Jeshua (Jesus), after he gave us A Course in Miracles earlier.
Students of the Course will recognize the voice of Jesus.

Those who want to learn who or what they are, will be inspired and helped by The Way of Mastery.

In truth we are Pure Spirit, Love. This pathway will bring us to its very realisation.
Jeshua guides us by an extremely loving process, whereby feeling, breathing and playfulness are important.
He teaches us that pathway which he walked himself during his lifetime on earth and gives us a very close view thereof.

Latest update: 17-04-2023

*) A Course in Miracles was passed on to Helen Schucman and was published in 1975.
Jeshua speaks directly to us in The Way of Mastery  through Jayem (Jon Marc Hammer).

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