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Chapter 3

It is always fear of one’s own death that blocks recognition of the Kingdom.   November 2, 1987               Now we begin.

Asking guidance from the Holy Spirit

If you are facing an important choice, and the alternatives seem to all have advantages and disadvantages, it may seem as if you are experiencing a profound inner conflict. In such a moment you are willing to ask the Holy Spirit for Guidance. How do you know that you are truly being guided by the […]


A moment ago, as I completed the last sentence of this book, a memory flashed suddenly across my mind. It came with such clarity and power that I not only saw the image, but I also experienced the smells and sensations.

Foreword by Alan Cohen

Do you believe that God would speak to you? I find it amazing that we base all of the world religions on the transmissions of people to whom God has spoken, but when one of our contemporaries announces that the word of Spirit has been written in his heart, we are prone to cross-examine him […]