Letters from Jeshua


As I write to you now, sitting at my desk on the veranda of our temple room at Alam Cinta Ashram in Ubud, Bali, it strikes me that there are really only two things that really ever occur.

Chapter 12

Trust, again, is essential. It is also your final lesson in the field of time.

Chapter 11

There are old friends waiting, and I come with you to call them to Myself yet again. *****

Chapter 10

When the soul chooses to serve God, it serves mystery beyond reproach. It is that which can be trusted completely.

Chapter 9

There is no effort in the Kingdom.

Chapter 8

When you release your dream – which is wholly insane – the Reality of who you are will alone remain.

Chapter 7

Not as the world gives, give I unto you. Yet my giving is but your giving to yourself. When will you choose to accept it?

Chapter 6

  As you resist service to your brother so, too, do you resist your own salvation.  

Chapter 5

The awakening Son is like one who seeks Light, then laments the dissolution of shadows as dawn breaks gently through the night.   January 3, 1988               Now, we begin.

Chapter 4

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, you can create that is not an expression of your longing to awaken. December 9, 1987     So I am here. I have moved into my apartment. It is just right. Even from the kitchen I can gaze out over rooftops across Commencement Bay without having to pause from […]

Chapter 3

It is always fear of one’s own death that blocks recognition of the Kingdom.   November 2, 1987               Now we begin.

Chapter 2

  Never have the thoughts of the world been yours. They are illusion. Therefore, so is your unhappiness.

Chapter 1

Each and every one of you is here for but one reason: to realize the Truth and to come Home again. July 20, 1987 “Are you okay?” asks Kendra. “Huh?” For a moment I turn my head and look at her, then just as quickly look away again. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I mutter halfheartedly, as […]


A moment ago, as I completed the last sentence of this book, a memory flashed suddenly across my mind. It came with such clarity and power that I not only saw the image, but I also experienced the smells and sensations.

Foreword by Alan Cohen

Do you believe that God would speak to you? I find it amazing that we base all of the world religions on the transmissions of people to whom God has spoken, but when one of our contemporaries announces that the word of Spirit has been written in his heart, we are prone to cross-examine him […]

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