Asking guidance from the Holy Spirit

If you are facing an important choice, and the alternatives seem to all have advantages and disadvantages, it may seem as if you are experiencing a profound inner conflict. In such a moment you are willing to ask the Holy Spirit for Guidance.

How do you know that you are truly being guided by the Holy Spirit?

What follows is a summary of an elaborate answer on this question given by Jeshua and to be found in The Way of Transformation.

  • Only in stillness can you hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • Always begin your prayer or meditation by acknowledging the Truth that is true always, that transcends all illusions of the world: You cannot be less than what God has created you to be. Separation from God does not exist. And if you find that you exist in this moment, it can only be because you are, indeed, one with that Creative Source that has birthed you in Its own image and has given you access to all wisdom, all Truth, and all support.
  • Allow the body to relax and then look within at the situation that seems to be presenting itself to you. And say: This situation cannot harm me. I have called it into my experience from my own desire to grow in wisdom, strength and certainty.
  • Remind yourself that only the Holy Spirit can think rightly for you. Ask Him: My Friend, what is this context for? What lesson do I need to learn? What decision truly will carry me in the direction of my deepest commitment? And well you know that, until the mind, soul, heart becomes fully committed to awakening from every last trace of illusion, life is like a ship without a rudder.
  • Remember that the ego will always speak first and notice that this creates a restlessness, inner turmoil and loss of peace. Merely observe it, don’t seek to be rid of it.
  • Return to the acknowledgment of who you are in Truth and say: In Truth, I do not know what anything is, or is for. I am here to learn to be awake, to be the embodiment of Love. And there is one Teacher given unto me who guides always correctly.
  • Merely, then, ask your question again. Say within the mind: I am not attached to the answer, for I trust Love to direct my course. In stillness when you do not have any investment in the outcome that you are looking for, then the Voice of the Holy Spirit can begin to speak to you.
  • You know that you are truly being guided when a picture, a thought, a voice, a feeling in the heart comes, and your whole being resonates with it. There is a moment of simple knowingness: This is the right decision.
  • The next step is to follow through. Take up your rightful place as the creation of your Creator, that the good, the holy, and the beautiful can be extended through you in the very act of creation.


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