Where to find The Way of Mastery

Here you’ll find a video of the first lesson of The Way of the Heart.

The five core texts of The Way of Mastery have not been translated into Dutch. Meanwhile, it appears that different facilitators are distributing translations of chapters from The Way of the Heart to members of their study groups. Therefore we have decided to edit these translations and place them on this website, so that one official Dutch translation will be available.

‘The Jeshua letters’ have been translated and placed on this site under “Letters”  as a serial. The complete translation is also available as PDF. If you would like to receive this you can contact  us.

All five English books are available at bol.com

The original audio recordings of the three years teachings of which the transcriptions have been published as the books ‘The Way of the Heart’, ‘The Way of Transformation’ and ‘The Way of Knowing can be found on  the site of The CMI Library/Way of Mastery.  You can read the text and listen at the same time. You’ll also find the texts of ‘The Jeshua letters’ and ‘The Way of the Servant’ as well as ‘The early years’ on this site. Part of the latter also have the audio recordings.

You can listen to the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer here.

On the website of Jayem you will find much more interesting information!

This video by Dave Schock also gives you a clear introduction to the Way of Mastery.

On the YouTube channel The Way of Mastery you’ll find many interesting and instructive video’s.

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